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The ORIGINAL Router Flattening Sled 

Made For Woodworkers By a Woodworker



Why Choose Us?

We are the ORIGINAL designer and manufacturer of a woodworking router sled that is easy to set up and break down. This design is perfect for all of your woodworking flattening, shaping, template cutting and thickness needs in and out of the shop. It’s small profile allows you to utilize all of the workspace you have in your shop, yet portable to be able to bring to the job. Our router sleds are made of the highest quality materials that can withstand the everyday shop use. Clean Cut Woodworking router sleds stand out from the others since it has a effortless full free form movement it allows you to cut with the grain and not against it leaving you a lot more smooth finish, therefore leaving you with less sanding after your pieces have been flattened. Unlike other sleds on the market ours is designed with safety in mind. The way our baseplate is attached to the router and rails ensures your router will not jump off of the piece you are trying to flatten. The router always stays securely attached to the crossbars and rails. 

This flattening mill is not just for large slabs. It works perfect on ALL of your flattening needs. No matter how small or big.

Regular stock boards


Night stands


Cutting boards

Serving trays

Panels after they have been glued up

Epoxy tables

Live Edge




Anything that is too large to put into your planer can be flattened with the router sled.

The measurements are the actual sled dimensions. That is not the actual cutting area of the sled. That would depend on the size of the router bit you would be using. For instance: I use a 1 1/2” flattening bit, with a 40” wide sled I can get a full cutting area of 30”. That measurement changes with a bit larger or smaller. 

60" wide is the widest sled we make.

 The length of the sled can be custom made to just about any size you'd like.

 It’s compatible with any router with a plunge base. We drill out the center hole for the bit to go through the base and leave it up to the customer to drill the holes needed to fit their router to it. There’s just too many different routers on the market to try to match them all.

The sled includes the rails, crossbars, brackets, bearings, and baseplate. The router, flattening bit, dust collection boot, and bit extension are NOT included and need to be purchased separately. 

We accept all major credit cards and cash if you’re picking up locally. 

If you would like more information on the router sled please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about out product. 

International shipping is available to check pricing add the item to your cart and put your address in at checkout. International orders may incur taxes and surcharges applied by the country of import. These taxes are to be paid by the customer and are not included in charges shown.

About Us

Brent Jarvis

Owner and Designer

Here at Clean Cut Woodworking we strive to bring a high quality product that will last and not break the bank. As a long time woodworker long before a tool manufacturer it is understood what tools go through in the shop. We understand the importance of space, usability, and versatility. These were the main basis behind the Clean Cut Woodworking Router Sled. It was designed out of a need, a need that has now solved more needs than any other tool in our shop. We bring that mindset into the design and only offer the highest quality materials and will stand behind our product without the hassle of dealing with a big corporations lack of caring about you the customer. We are a veteran owned business and we take pride in our tool design, durability, and our customer service.